Stramit® Custom Flashings

Stramit® Custom Flashings are available in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes. Preferred girth widths are 150, 250, 300 and 400mm and lengths of up to 8m are possible.

The details of all Stramit® Custom Flashings required can be provided by using the form below or in hard copy (e.g. fax). Contact Northside Roofing Direct for more details or refer to the Stramit Price & Service Guide for the area.

Ordering Procedure

  1. Choose the appropriate profile type from the diagrams below
  2. Choose the material & finish, (Zincalume®, Galvanised or Colorbond®
  3. If Colorbond® nominate the colour required
  4. If Colorbond®, nominate the side on which the colour is required
  5. Nominate the dimensions by the letters shown on the diagrams
  6. Nominate the angles on all bends
  7. Nominate the quantity and length of profile

For Example:

  1. Type 4
  2. Colorbond
  3. Colour – Surfmist
  4. Colour on side C
  5. A – 15mm, B – 100mm, C – 150mm, D – 150mm
  6. CB = 90, CD = 90, AB = 65
  7. 1 off, 2550mm

Custom Flashings Order Form

  • Scan and upload additional information if required
  • For example: Colour on side C
  • Dimension for letter A
  • Dimension for letter B
  • Dimension for letter C
  • Dimension for letter D (if applicable)
  • Dimension for letter E (if applicable)
  • Dimension for letter F (if applicable)
  • Dimension for letter G (if applicable)
  • Dimension for letter H (if applicable)
  • For Example: CB=90, CD=90, AB=65
  • For example: 1 off, 2550mm