South-East Queensland Delivery Area & Schedule

Delivery Times and Conditions

Stramit anticipates delivery to be effected between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday for product up to 13.5 mtrs in length. However customers should note that Stramit reserves the right to deliver outside these hours whenever circumstances outside our direct control occur. Delivery is to kerbside unless otherwise arranged. All deliveries must have a site contact number with order. Depending on site limitations, delivery driver may require signed approval to enter and unload on site.

Special requests for delivery outside these times will incur charges. (PDA)

Delivery Areas

Areas serviced ex Crestmead are shown above — delivery outside these specified areas and/or on the normal route of delivery may be arranged however additional charges will apply.

Product Return

Product that has been manufactured or purchased specifically to your requirements CANNOT be returned.
Stock line items may be returned for credit, subject to the following charges:

i) where goods are returned by the customer, a restocking fee of 20% ($20 minimum) is applicable.

ii) where goods are picked up by Stramit for return, standard delivery charges plus a restocking fee of 20% ($20 minimum) are applicable. Damaged goods will not be accepted for credit.

Long Length Delivery

• Lengths longer than l3.5m will require an onsite crane by customer for unloading.

• Specific times of travel for product in excess or 17.0m in length do apply and will vary according to the time of year and location. Brisbane metro area has a number of additional exclusions.

• Loads in excess of l3.800m must be off the road between the hours of 7.00am — 9.00am and 4.00pm — 6.00pm.
Product in excess of 20m will require escort. Products exceeding 25m will require two escorts. If a truck is required to leave Stramit in darkness and is over 20m two escorts will be required.

• Loads exceeding 30m require one Police escort and two pilots. Police Escort Permits require a minimum of twenty-eight (28) business days’ notice to book a Police Escort, with orders having to be confirmed with Stramit by midday on day one of the notice period. Police Escort Permits are subject to Police availability and approval and cannot be guaranteed until such time as approval is given by the Police. Loads exceeding 35m require two Police and two pilots. Long loads may require additional personnel to steer trailer (additional charge).

• QLD Legislation on long lengths may vary without notice and Stramit reserves the right to apply charges applicable to such changes.